Board of Directors

Ellen Hardy President President 6/2013-11/2013 
Board 4/2013-11/2014
Artist, Designer, Photographer, President of Hardy House
Heather Reid-Barratt Vice President  VP 6/2013-11/2013
Cheryl Frary
Treasurer  9/2013-11/2013 1st term

Sarah Coakley Secretary   Artist
Sara Ashodian    5/2011-11/2013* Artist; Salem Cultural Council; prior co-owner, Experimental Art Gallery; Lynn Arts
Jennifer "Jeff" Bowie
Picklepot Studios
Jason M. Consalvo    4/2013-11/2014 1st term VP Salem Five Savings Bank
Laura Dandaneau    4/2013-11/2014 2nd term Photographer
Joe Higgins    4/2013-11/2014 1st term Proprietor, Joe's Fish Prints
Alyssa Jones
   5/2012-11/2014 3rd term Mixed Media/Assemblage, Photography, Sculpture
Henry Zbyszynski
    4/2012-11/2014 Photographer
* An irregularity has been discovered in the 4/2013 election.  It was stated that this director was not up for reelection and would continue on the board, yet their 2 year term was up.  In the Jul 2013 board meeting she was voted to continue, presumably until 11/2013

Board of Advisors

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