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Hours of operation

Thursday: 11 am -  7 pm
Friday: 10 am - 6 pm
Saturday: 10 am - 6 pm
Sunday: 12 noon - 6 pm


Artists Row 24 New Derby St. Salem, Ma

(Building #2 Next to the Lobster Shanty)



Retail Store Information for Artist Members

Sign up to staff the gallery and storeSign up to staff the gallery and store by clicking HERE
or you can send email to Alikya about your availability -- click here 

Take-in and pickup times are on the
Artists' calendar
and the
Calls for Art

Please Rotate your work to keep new, fresh, and exciting work in the Gallery!

Download .pdf of take-in forms here (or MS Word version here) to fill out ahead of time.  Blank forms will also be available for active members during take-in.
Want to become an member?  Join online!
Need to update or renew your membership?  Renew online!

Retail Submissions

Each SAA member submitting work this season will need to sign the 2013 Consignment Contract.  Copies will be available at take-in; the online version will be available soon.  It will be similar to last year's.

All work must be labeled with the artists initials and numbers beginning with the month in which the work is submitted, e.g. ABC-601, ABC-602...

All submitted work must be UNDER 2 square feet, including the frame, if it has one.  Items in the $30 and $40 range are most popular.  Please contact the retail committee - - if you have a special piece for display.

Please bring a liberal supply of business cards.

ALL submitting members should staff the gallery for FOUR HOURS in EACH month their works are offered for sale.  You can Gallery Sit for TWO two hour shifts per month, or four all at once.  If a member is unable to sit due to unusual circumstances, they may bank hours by working extra in a previous month, or they may take on a special project which can be completed in a more open schedule. (e.g. Mon-Wed and evening hours.) 

The SAA takes 20% on all sales from gallery-sitting members, 40% from members unable to volunteer to sit at the gallery.  

Individual pieces should be displayed for only 6 weeks at a time in order to keep the work looking fresh.

Take In for the Retail Space will be 10 a.m. to 12 noon on the second and 4th Saturdays of each month.  See the SAA Artists' calendar for a complete schedule.  If an artist is unable to drop off during the scheduled times, they can arrange another time with a member of the retail committee via email at:

Gallery Sitting Training will coincide with Take-In.  Instructions (1 page!) are available in the Operations Book at the gallery - you can also download them from the link below.  Read them and that should be all you need!  

OTHER EVENTS at the Row: music, or dance, or writing, etc, can be performed at ANY time while the AR space is open.  Let us know what you would like to present and when!  We will try to provide Publicity for you.  The only catch is that you cannot ask for money for your presentation, but a Tip Hat is allowed.  

Tents outside the building:
A couple of tents can be set up by members outside our building during the retail shop hours for selling your wares.  This allows artists to display more items, and to display large items.  Setting up tents and manning them is entirely up to the artists and exhibitors who wish to participate.  Sharing of tent space is allowed and is to be arranged by the participating artists. Artists are solely responsible for setting up and tearing down their displays and tents and for what they are selling within those tents.   Inventory Sheets will be provided, separate from the Retail space inventory sheets.  All labels should include  the artists 3 letter and number code.  ALL sales will be handled by the salesperson within the gallery space and the normal commission rates apply.  The customers will be invited to go inside the space to pay.  Standard commission rates apply (see above).

Questions and Suggestions

Please email Retail Committee with any questions or suggestions.  This is YOUR gallery and store, so help us make it the best it can be!!

Forms and Instructions

Expense Report (requires exec signoff)
Staffing Instructions
Staffing FAQ
Credit Card Operation
Opening and Closing the Gallery
Retail Inventory forms - 2013: pdf, doc, rtf
Retail and Gallery Report
2012 Consignment Contract
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